Laura Greenberg

Laura Greenberg is a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience working in the public school and private sector. Ms. Greenberg specializes in assessing young children with suspected and known developmental and learning difficulties, and working with families to address their concerns and help develop a therapeutic approach to support and improve their child’s presenting challenges.

Ms. Greenberg received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She began working as a clinical social worker in an agency setting providing psychotherapy with children and adults. Ms. Greenberg also worked in an elementary school program serving children and their families who were experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties. Her most recent experience has been participating on a transdisciplinary arena assessment team, interviewing parents, performing psychosocial evaluations as part of a special education program with the early childhood programs.

Ms. Greenberg has experience working with a wide range of developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, learning, behavioral, and medical challenges. Her focus has been providing support to families, via counseling, facilitating parent support and education groups, working closely with teachers and therapists on how best to communicate and meet the needs of the whole family in a positive and therapeutic manner. In addition, Ms. Greenberg has led Dad’s groups, sibling groups, including sib-shops and spoken to professional groups, such as The Council for Exceptional Children and provided training for Parent to Parent.

Ms. Greenberg has served on the Board of Lekotek and was a founding member of the Gwinnett Early Childhood Interagency Council. She has supervised numerous social work students from Georgia State University, The University of Georgia, and Spellman College.

Ms. Greenberg is a life-long learner, loves travelling, cooking for family and friends, is married to her first husband for many, many years and has two adult children and a wonderful daughter-in-law.

Licenses, Certifications, and Specialized Training

Licensed clinical social worker

Served on the Board of Lekotek
Founding member of the Gwinnett Early Childhood Interagency Council

Parent Coaching

Family Therapy

Brief Developmental Evaluations

Psychoeducational Skills Group